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BULK BUY: HRQ - 36/42 Hog Casings 91m Soft Tapes

Product Code : NCH03075
Product Brand : Dat Schaub
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BULK BUY: HRQ 36/42  Hog Casings 91m per bundle 2 Bundles per net on soft tubes

Purchase 1 barrel and get an amazing price of 11.50 per bundle!!

We only select the highest quality casings available which we are proud to offer to you, vein free, whisker free, soft in texture and light in colour, supplied salted, vacuum sealed in a food grade vacuum pouch for ultimate protection.

  • Hog casings 91m
  • 2 bundles per net
  • Calibre 36/42
  • Vein/whisker free
  • 200 bundles per barrel


Directions of use: Soak the skins over night in cold water. Change water to lukewarm water 30 mins before use. Slide the tube over your sausage filler or slide the casings off onto the nozzle and fill. After use, flush the casings with water, re-salt and store in an airtight container.

What is the shelf life of natural casings?
Salted casings or casings in brine: 1 year or more.

What is the difference between a bundle and a hank?
There is no difference between a bundle and a hank, they are both terms that are used to describe the same thing.

How do I keep any unused casings?
If you have any unused casings then cover in salt and store in an airtight container and keep in the fridge.  Do not freeze.

Other information
As the casings are a natural Product do not worry if the colour of the casings varies. Our casings are flushed and cleaned thoroughly before sending out to any customers. Also if you received your casings and they have a strong smell to them this is most likely due to gas build up in the container.

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