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Anti-Bacterial Cool Bag Carrier Bag - Retail Item

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NEW! Anti-bacterial Cool Bag - Bag for Life!

Over 29% PROFIT to you with our Anti-Bacterial Cool Bags!*

Did you know that one of the most common causes of food poisoning is cross contamination during your weekly shopping trip?

Every year in the UK there are at least 450,000 cases of food poisoning, of which 80% are caused by one main type of bacteria – campylobacter. This killer bacterium is present in more than 70% of all fresh chicken sold in UK supermarkets today!

The inner lining of our brand new anti-bacterial cool bag for life is proven to reduce growth and contamination of such bacteria by >99.9% which will prevent illnesses or even deaths caused by this.

You may be thinking that the lining of a bag is irrelevant as for example, a fresh chicken is already packaged in food safe packaging however studies show that at least 7% of the outer packaging of the chicken was also tested positive for live bacteria.

This means that when you place your chicken in your re-usable standard bag for life anything that also goes in this bag and also anything in the future, has the potential to come into contact with dangerous breeding cross contaminating bacteria.

In a UK study, nearly half of the reusable bags tested fell into a heavily contaminated category due to bacteria being transferred by raw meat.

Why use an Anti-Bacterial Cool Bag over other supermarket standard bags or bags for life?

Dangerous bacteria can survive for up to 8 weeks in an everyday reusable plastic bag meaning harmful bacteria can easily transfer and cross contaminate any other produce placed in the same bag!

Benefits of our Anti-Bacterial cool bags:

  • Biomaster high tech 2 layer bag which keeps food cool for approximately 1.5 hours

  • Keeps food out of the danger zone where rapid growth and production of toxin occurs

  • Proven reduction of microbial growth by >99.9% - Reducing bacteria such as Campylobacter, Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli 0157 and Clostridium

  • Reduces the chances of consumers getting ill and transferring the bacteria onto other produce around the home

  • This bag is re-usable and recyclable after its long life

  • Unique comfort clip close handle design

  • Bag dimensions: 46cm x 51cm (including handle)
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